Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Technological Challenges with The Bluetooth Headset

When it comes to communicating in short range wirelessly, the blue tooth headset makes cell phone use a breeze. Technologically, the blue tooth headset is one of the most complicated and challenging of designs. They promote lightweight communication methods, with a battery and receiver built right into the ear piece. As complicated as they are to create, they are extremely popular for cell phone users everywhere.
Today, when you think of headset, you typically think of those that are extremely small and light to carry. What is great about blue tooth headsets is that they are wireless an, but not so small. What is happening is that there is so much to fit into the ear piece, such as receiver and transmitter, that they are having a difficult time trying to fit that much equipment into a tiny space.
Never fear technology advances each day and blue tooth is working around their obstacles. Consumers demand small and lightweight, blue tooth is working heavily to produce just that. To some people, even though blue tooth headsets are wireless, they tend to weigh slightly more which is considered to be a disadvantage to the technology and the headset. Battery Charge with Blue Tooth
Traditional headsets, with wires, when combined with cell phones did not present much of a problem when it comes to batteries, because they are wired. However, the problem with the blue tooth headset is that it is wireless and contains a battery within the headset. The problem is that the headset only lasts about twenty six hours when not in use and only 2 to 3 hours when talking. Manufacturers are developing ideas to keep the headsets usable for the maximum amount of time. This might mean turning off the headset after calls or having to connect the headset with each call.
Yet another disadvantage of the blue tooth headset is the range of calls. With blue tooth technology even though wireless, you cannot be far from the cell phone, not much further than the backset of your car, and still communicate. Therefore, it is still necessary to keep the phone with you at all times, even though it is meant to be wireless and hands free. Discover the benefits of Bluetooth technology at http://www.discoverbluetooth.com

Send Free SMS messages Online

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the free online SMS you can send your message to anyone across the United States without paying anything. That means the service is 100% free and you can now send as many SMS as you want. Online SMS is the easiest and fastest way of sending your messages. There is no catch involved in this and you can send loads of messages without spasm and no advertisement policy. SO reduce your phone bills and get going with the incredible way of Online SMS. Bring back the smiles again on the faces of your friends by sending them some cool online SMS today.
To start with as soon as you hit the home page the first step is to enter the receivers cell phone number in the mentioned field. While doing so remember not to use dashes or other characters other than the number and to enter the area code as well. The second step is to enter the subject of the message you want to send. It helps the receiver in identifying the content of the message. The third step is to enter your message you intend to send to the receiver and here you need to remember that the limit o the message is 140 words. So enter the precise message and continue to the final step. The fourth step is to choose the receivers cellular service provider from the given list. And the final step is to click on the send text message button to send the message. Using these simple steps your message is delivered to the person you want to send it to. Isn’t it a simple way of sending your message across without you or the receiver paying anything for using the service.
It is the simplest way of sending SMS which is getting popular everyday. What you benefit is sending free SMS whenever you want to and whomever you want to. This free SMS are well protected by spammers and a complete privacy is maintained over the data. Plus you never receive any advertisements or spam messages and the messaging always remains clean. It is better to cut down on your phone bill and start using this service which is easy and 100% free. Play prank on your friends by sending anonymous messages using this service.

Monday, May 12, 2008

5 Simple ways to keep your computer secure and virus free

These simple tips will help you stay virus and spyware free, even if
you're connected to the internet 24 hours a day.

  1. Protect yourself
    Good protection on the Internet these days consists of 3 components:
    anti-virus software, anti-spyware software and a firewall.
    As for a firewall, Windows XP ships with a decent enough firewall. Just
    make sure it is always enabled. Alternatively you can visit a site like
    www.download.com and search for Zone Alarm, which has an excellent free
    The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep your
    anti-virus software up to date. An anti-virus program that uses
    definitions that are months old is just about useless.
    Update your anti-virus and anti-spyware software at least once a week.
  2. Stop opening every attachment you receive.
    Most of the devastating worms and viruses of recent times were
    distributed via email. These viruses feed on the curiosity and also the
    ignorance of a huge number of email users. People will get an email
    from fakename@weirdsuspiciousdomain and they'll just open whatever file
    is attached to it.
    If you don't know the sender, don't open the attachment - just delete
    it. It doesn't matter if the subject promises you'll see Britney Spears
    dancing nude on the kitchen table, just delete it.
    If the email is from someone you know, always scan any attachments
    first before downloading or opening them.
    If every email user in the world followed these simple guidelines the
    distribution of viruses via email will grind to a halt.
  3. Stay clear of pornographic and illegal software sites
    If you want to pick up viruses and spyware quickly, visit some
    pornographic web sites. One wrong click on a subtle little pop-up or
    security warning window (which you'll run into often on these type of
    sites) and you'll have infested yourself with trojan horses, spyware,
    dialers and other unfavorable software that could leave your computer
    wide open to further attacks.
    The same goes for web sites distributing software, serial codes and
    cracks illegally (warez).
    Simply put - keep out of the dark side of the web and the odds of
    keeping your computer clean shifts decidedly in your favor.
  4. Watch out what you download
    Spyware is embedded in a lot of software on the Internet - especially
    those related to ripping, converting and playing music and videos. That
    free MP3 player or DVD Ripper you just downloaded may have installed a
    bunch of harmful spyware without you even knowing about it.
  5. Keep yourself informed
    Major anti-virus software developers like Symantec and Grisoft updates
    their sites regularly with the latest virus alerts. Visit these sites
    frequently to keep yourself aware of what threats are doing the rounds
    and how to avoid them.
    Using this simple software I have kept my computer virus-free for
    the past 3 years. It's not rocket science. Just stay alert, use some
    common sense and you too can stay bug free while still enjoying your
    Internet experience.

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Computer Virus Protection

Learning to use a computer is easy. Learning how to use a computer safely and securely, however, sometimes take a lesson in harsh reality. If your computer has never fallen victim to a virus, consider yourself very, very lucky. Take steps now to protect your investment against damage or even destruction.
All computer users, particularly those who frequently use the Internet, are subjecting their computers to viruses. There is a constant threat of hackers, spam, spyware, phishing, adware, Trojans, scammers, and many more destructive viruses. Once you connect to the web, your computer and files are vulnerable and at serious risk. Without proper computer virus protection, your computer can be rendered virtually useless in just a few seconds.
There is no single computer virus protection software that can guarantee total or lasting protection. New viruses and threats are continually emerging, so it's important to choose one reliable, anti-virus software and have it updated regularly to keep your computer protected from new viruses. It is essential that you fortify your PC with the most recent early automatic virus protection available, and update it as frequently as possible.
There are some easy ways to access computer virus protection software to safeguard your files and your help keep your hardware protected from damage. Anti-virus software can be accessed easily through the Internet. Most online computer virus protection offers integrated firewall, anti-virus and intrusion prevention against known and emerging threats. These programs ensure the protection of your irreplaceable files, such as important personal documents and family photos. Additionally, they identify adware and spyware before they can run to your computer, and they clean automatically clean viruses and virus threats.
It can be difficult to decide on the right anti-virus software at a local computer shop, but the Internet is still the best alternative offering the widest selection. You can find the best software at the best prices online. A simple search is all it takes to find countless sites with full product descriptions. There is no better place than the Internet to shop for computer virus protection.
Here are some of the most highly recommended anti-virus software providers that you can easily access online:
* Norton AntiVirus Norton has been around for quite a while and is respected as an excellent virus protection. Norton has successfully developed its software to match up with emerging viruses. It will automatically scan and eliminate viruses from your computer, including instant message and e-mail attachments
* McAfee VirusScan This program detects, removes and blocks viruses and spyware that could cause irreversible damage to your computer and result in the loss of your irreplaceable documents, such as digital photos, family movies, and financial spreadsheets. These threats can also lead to identity theft and slower PC performance. Many of the things you value and need most are being stored right now on your PC. VirusScan protects the security of your valuable files and documents by automatically scanning and cleaning files, downloads and e-mail messages, as well as instant message and e-mail attachments.
* eTrust EZ Antivirus This is a solid package from Computer Associates that has a relatively simple interface and works well with many computers. A two-year subscription offers great protection at a good price. Your subscription to eTrust EZ Antivirus includes up-to-date protection that can be automatically downloaded when your computer is connected to the Internet. Because this program provides the latest information, you are less likely to become infected.
There are countless other computer virus protection options on the market. You need to find the provider that's right for you. Be diligent in your research; take the time to learn the benefits and drawbacks of each one, and read blogs and forums to see product ratings from previous users.
As with any product, your computer requires a certain amount of upkeep to run effectively, and protection to keep it from harm. It's a big investment, so spend the time and money to get the computer virus protection software you need.

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