Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Technological Challenges with The Bluetooth Headset

When it comes to communicating in short range wirelessly, the blue tooth headset makes cell phone use a breeze. Technologically, the blue tooth headset is one of the most complicated and challenging of designs. They promote lightweight communication methods, with a battery and receiver built right into the ear piece. As complicated as they are to create, they are extremely popular for cell phone users everywhere.
Today, when you think of headset, you typically think of those that are extremely small and light to carry. What is great about blue tooth headsets is that they are wireless an, but not so small. What is happening is that there is so much to fit into the ear piece, such as receiver and transmitter, that they are having a difficult time trying to fit that much equipment into a tiny space.
Never fear technology advances each day and blue tooth is working around their obstacles. Consumers demand small and lightweight, blue tooth is working heavily to produce just that. To some people, even though blue tooth headsets are wireless, they tend to weigh slightly more which is considered to be a disadvantage to the technology and the headset. Battery Charge with Blue Tooth
Traditional headsets, with wires, when combined with cell phones did not present much of a problem when it comes to batteries, because they are wired. However, the problem with the blue tooth headset is that it is wireless and contains a battery within the headset. The problem is that the headset only lasts about twenty six hours when not in use and only 2 to 3 hours when talking. Manufacturers are developing ideas to keep the headsets usable for the maximum amount of time. This might mean turning off the headset after calls or having to connect the headset with each call.
Yet another disadvantage of the blue tooth headset is the range of calls. With blue tooth technology even though wireless, you cannot be far from the cell phone, not much further than the backset of your car, and still communicate. Therefore, it is still necessary to keep the phone with you at all times, even though it is meant to be wireless and hands free. Discover the benefits of Bluetooth technology at http://www.discoverbluetooth.com

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